15 Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 SMP Semester 1

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15 Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 SMP Semester 1 – Para siswa akan belajar lebih giat di kelas 9 ini karena mereka harus menghadapi Ujian Nasional yang menjadi hal yang ditakutkan oleh hampir seluruh siswa. Namun, dengan banyak membaca materi yang telah dipelajari dan banyak berlatih mengerjakan soal, Ujian Nasional pasti dapat dilalui dengan baik oleh para siswa. Berikut adalah soal Bahasa Inggris kelas 9 SMP semester 1.

Choose the right answer by crossing (x) the option a, b, c, or d.

1. Shinta : Will John pass the exam?
Dewi : … He is a smart and dilligent student.
a. I am quite sure
b. I am uncertain
c. I am not positive
d. I think he won’t

2. Mr. Black : Will John follow a career in business?
Mr. Smith : … He is not fond of doing business.
a. It might be
b. I wouldn’t like to say for certain
c. I’m sure
d. Definitely

3. Jalal : What do you think we should give Arni as her birthday present?
Rusli : A doll, I think.
Jalal : …
Rusli : Yes, certainly. As far as I know, she likes doll.
a. Are you sure?
b. I don’t think so
c. Are you kidding?
d. It’s impossible

4. Rudi : It’s really boring day today. I am going now here because I’m broke.
Janet : Well, don’t worry, friend. I can lend you some money if you want.
Rudi : Really?
Janet : …
Rudi : Thank you very much.
Janet : Don’t mention it.
a. It’s possible
b. It will be OK
c. Certainly
d. Nothing to worry

5. Jemmy : It is a bright day today. Is it possible if we go to the beach?
Randi : It is possible, but … because it is very far from your and my house.
Jemmy : So, what do you want to do?
Randi : Why don’t we go swimming in the swimming pool?
Jemmy : I don’t think so. I prefer watching movie.
a. I doubt it
b. I do hope so
c. I’m quite sure
d. I’m certain

6. Manny : Guys, yesterday I watched a news that in India there were three giant men.
Nina : Why are they called the giant men?
Manny : Because their height is almost three meters tall.
Nina : … Is it really true? You need to find the truth first
Manny : Hmm, yeah I will find it.
a. It’s a hoax
b. Don’t be silly
c. Just forget it
d. I’m not sure about the news.

Questions 7 to 9 are based on the following text.

How to Make a Boat or a Hat

Things you need:
A half page of paper, newspaper, or any kind of paper that you have.

What to do:
First, fold the paper in half the long way, crease and unfold.
Second, fold the sides up to the crease. Keep the sides folded.
After that, fold the corners down to the middle again.
Next, fold the point downs to the middle.
Finally, open the middle and turn it inside out to make a boat. If you want to make a hat, flip it over and wear it.


7. How many times do we have to fold the paper?
a. 2
b. 3
c. 4
d. 5

8. How many steps should we follow to make a good paper boat or hat as mentioned in the text?
a. 3
b. 4
c. 5
d. 6

9. “Finally, open the middle and turn it inside out to make a boat. If you want to make a hat, flip it over and wear it.” The underlined word could be best replaced with the word …
a. Perform
b. Create
c. Design
d. Have

10. Rian : Where are Diana and Rohana?
Gita : They … in the library now.
a. Study
b. Studied
c. Are studying
d. Were studying

11. Beny : Be quiet, please! The baby …
Hana : Ok. Don’t worry.
a. Sleeps
b. To sleep
c. Is sleeping
d. Was sleeping

12. Jefri : It’s very quite. Nobody is in the classroom.
Tono : That’s right. All students … experiment in the laboratory at the moment.
a. Do
b. Will do
c. Have done
d. Are doing

13. Mother: What are you doing, dear?
Karina : I … fried rice for dinner, Mom.
a. Cook
b. Cooked
c. Am cooking
d. Had cooked

14. Fina : Is your car new?
Dora : Sorry, …
Fina : Do you have a new car?
Dora : No, I don’t.
a. What are you doing?
b. What did you say?
c. Don’t insult me.
d. Are you kidding?

15. Teacher : Well, students, for your assignment you must write a poem.
Student : …
Teacher : You must write a poem for the assignment.
a. What?
b. Excuse me
c. Pardon me, Sir?
d. I’m very sorry, Sir.


Kunci Jawaban:
1. A
2. B
3. A
4. C
5. A
6. D
7. C
8. C
9. B
10. C
11. C
12. D
13. C
14. B
15. C


Demikianlah soal Bahasa Inggris kelas 9 SMP semester 1. Semoga soal tersebut bermanfaat dan dapat meningkatkan kemampuan Bahasa Inggris teman – teman. Terima kasih.


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