8 Jenis Teks Bahasa Inggris Plus Contoh Masing-Masing

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8 Jenis Teks Bahasa Inggris Plus Contoh Masing-Masing – Jenis teks dalam Bahasa Inggris umumnya sama dengan jenis teks dalam Bahasa Indonesia, contohnya teks eksposisi (Exposition Text), teks deskripsi (Descriptive Text), teks prosedur (Procedure Text), dan lain sebagainya. Berikut adalah jenis – jenis teks Bahasa Inggris beserta contoh singkat.

1. Announcements

Announcement adalah sesuatu yang dicetak, ditulis, atau diucapkan secara lisan yang ditujukan kepada khalayak ramai mengenai sesuatu yang terjadi.



To: All employee

Based on the commissioners board meeting as the highest authority in our company, we have decided to change workdays from six days a week to five days a week. The working hours will be 7.30 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday to Friday and free on Saturday and Sunday. This will be effectively applied from 2nd January 2017. We do hope this will improve your spirit of working. Thank you.

Mr. Ilham Susena

General Manager

2. Letters/ E-mails

Letter (surat) adalah sebuah pesan yang ditulis atau dicetak diatas kertas dan dimasukkan ke dalam amplop dan dikirimkan kepada seseorang lewat kantor pos.


Jalan Duren Sawit No. 33
8th May 2017

Modern Phone & Computer Shop
Jalan Kepompong Jaya
South Jakarta

Dear Sir,

I am writing to ask for an explanation. I bought a laptop computer a week ago from your store and it perfomed well.

However, one week after non-stop usage, I encountered a problem when I was trying to turn it on. I have recharged it as recommended, but it does not start. I hope you will look into this matter and find a solution. Please contact me to keep me informed. Thank you.

Yours faithfully,


3. Advertisements and Brochures

Advertisement (iklan) adalah salah satu media promosi yang berisi gambaran singkat tentang suatu barang/ jasa untuk membujuk pembaca atau pendengar untuk membeli barang/ jasa yang ditawarkan.

Brochure (brosur) adalah media iklan berbentuk lembaran yang berisi informasi tentang perusahaan, fasilitas, dan layanannya kepada penggunanya.


Urgently Required

A Chef

• Willing to work late nights
• Able to cook European and American cuisines
• At least 2 years experience
• Careful and tidy

Those who are interested please attend an interview at TASTY Resto at Jl. Juwadi No. 43.

No later than a week after the ad.

4. Messages

Message (pesan) merupakan informasi yang dikirimkan kepada seseorang karena pemberi pesan tidak dapat bertemu langsung dengan orang tersebut.


To : All employees
From : Director
Date : 23rd March 2016
Subject : Biennial Sports Competition Week

Even though it is Sports Competition week with all the games and office excitementto accompany, we must all remember that our no. 1 job is serving our customers and clients as well. So until next week when we can sincerely pay full attention to our customers and clients again, I would like you to spend your time well and give your best.


5. Descriptive Text

Descriptive Text bertujuan untuk mendesripsikan orang, binatang, benda, atau tempat tertentu.

Generic Structure:

• Identification
• Description


Mike is my aunt’s guinea pig. It is small with four legs. It has light brown fur on its body and white fur on its head. It has small black eyes and small ears. It never wants to eat dried food pellets, but it prefers eating fresh grass in front of my house.

It likes staying in its cage. It jumps from its cage and welcomes me when I come to my aunt’s house. It produces high pitched squeals when my aunt’s neighbour’s cat comes into her house. I think it feels threatened by the cat, but it calms down when I approach it.

6. Procedure Text

Procedure adalah jenis teks yang bertujuan memberi petunjuk cara mengoperasikan atau membuat sesuatu.

Generic Structure:

• Goal
• Ingredients/ Materials
• Steps/ Methods


How to Clean Refrigerator

• First, prepare a cloth, a dish towel, a spatula, vinegar and water.
• Then, empty the refrigerator.
• After that, defrost the refrigerator. Use a spatula to gently remove the ice built-up on the shelves and dispose of it.
• Next, wipe your refrigerator inside and outside using a cloth, vinegar and water.
• Finally, use the dish towel to dry the refrigerator.

7. Recount Text

Recount adalah jenis teks yang bertujuan untuk menceritakan peristiwa di masa lampau.

Generic Structure:
• Orientation
• Events
• Re-orientation


One Sunday morning, Rasty and her friend pedalled their bicycles slowly. They decided to rest under a tree. While having a rest, Rasty’s right leg touched an object on the grass. It was a small black purse and she opened it. There was no identity card in the purse, only a Rp 50.000 note. Rasty and her frienf looked around to see if anyone was looking for the purse, but nobody passed by.

They were about to ride their bicycles when a little boy in rags appeared and begged them for money. It was the little boy who crossed the road carelessly. The boy told them that he and his family had not eaten since the day before. rasty observed the skinny boy. He looked pale. Taking pity, Rasty and her friend gave the boy the banknote they found. The money would be more meaningful to him.

8. Review Text

Review adalah teks yang bertujuan untuk memberikan penilaian/ kritik terhadap kegiatan/ karya seni bagi pembaca atau pendengar.

Generic Structure:
• Orientation
• Interpretive recount
• Evaluation
• Evaluative summation


Interstellar Movie Review

On the one hand, I was impressed with Christoper Nolan’s Interstellar. The movie has wonderful visuals that attempted to bring though astrophysics to a general audience. However, the Dark Knight Rises director’s space adventure failed to deliver, even though I was trying to see past its scientific shortfalls.

The story begins in the future on a dying Earth. There is no time for space exploration, life on Earth is all about fighting disease, hunger and crippling climate change. In general, the casting and everyone’s acting were emotional and good.

Intersetallar missed the opportunity to display brilliant science fiction and that is why I am annoyed. It has potency, but that potential was squandered unnecessarily.

Demikianlah jenis – jenis teks Bahasa Inggris beserta contoh singkatnya. Semoga jenis – jenis teks tersebut dapat menambah ilmu Bahasa Inggris teman – teman. Terima kasih dan semoga bermanfaat!

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