Soal Latihan Bahasa Inggris tentang Present Continuous Tense

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Soal Latihan Bahasa Inggris tentang Present Continuous Tense – Present Continuous Tense adalah jenis tense yang digunakan untuk menyatakan kejadian atau kegiatan yang sedang berlangsung di masa kini. Present Continuous Tense ini biasanya memiliki ciri khusus yaitu menggunakan present to be (is, am, are) dan juga kata kerja berbentuk –ing. Agar lebih jelasnya, berikut adalah soal latihan bahasa Inggris tentang Present Continuous Tense.

Soal Latihan Bahasa Inggris tentang Present Continuous Tense

A. Exercise 1: Learning from learners (Latihan 1: Belajar dari pelajar)

Look at this learner’s text. Match the teacher’s tics (v) and corrections 1) – 10) to rules a) – f) below.

My name is im and I am Korean. My family is living in an partment near the centre of Seoul and they all 1) love thecity except me. They 2) are thinking that cities are exciting, but 3) I am not agreeing with them; I 4) am preferring quiter towns or villages. Anyway, just this month I 5) work for a small travel agency; I 6) want to go travelling in Europe next month but 7) I am needing to earn some money first. 8) I am thinking of doing a course when I come back from Europe – my English 9) gets better so I can study abroad next time. That is very expensive, of course. Perhaps that 10) is depending on how much I can earn – and my parents!


Lives b)
1. v _______
2. think _______
3. don’t agree _______
4. prefer _______
5. I am working _______
6. v _______
7. need _______
8. v _______
9. is getting _______
10. depends _______


a) Use the present simple tense to talk about a permanent situation.
b) Use the present continuous tense to talk about changing situations.
c) Use the present simple tense with a ‘thought’ or ‘feeling’ verb.
d) Use the present continuous tense for a temporary thought.
e) Use the present continuous tense for a temporary situation.
f) Use the present simple tense with verbs describing what things are, what they are like and what they process.


B. Exercise 2: Choosing the correct tense (Latihan 2: Memilih tense yang tepat)

In the conversation between two friends below, put the verbs in brackets ( ) into the present simple or present continuous.

A : I hear you are working (work) in a pub at the moment. What’s it like?
B : It is (be) fine, although it’s very hard work. I am always tired, but I (1) ___________
(not mind)
A : Is the money good?
B : No, not really, but I (2) _____________ (like) the hours. You know me very well.
I don’t like working early in the morning.
A : Of course, I (3) _______________ (remember) now. You never used to get up
before 11.00.
B : Well, I am not like that now, but I certainly don’t like getting up before 9.00.
Anyway, tell me about you. What (4) _____________ you ______________ (do)
A : I (5) _______________ (be) still a student. I (6) _______________ (study) German
at university. Actually, I (7) _______________ (work) quite hard at the moment
because my exams are next week. When I finish my study in university, I (8)
_______________ (want) to be a teacher.
B : That’s pretty good, good luck in your exams. I have to go. On Mondays, I (9)
______________ (start) work at 12.00 on Mondays, and I (10) ______________
(not want) to be late. I (11) _____________ (not have) my car any more, so I (12)
_______________ (cycle) everywhere at the moment.

C. Exercise 3: Writing about developments (Latihan 3: Menulis tentang Perkembangan)

Change the text below so that it is true about developments in your country. Use verb-ing form (present continuous tense) and underline the word in italics that you want. Use the verb in the box if you want to. You can use the verbs more than once.


go up / down

In my country, many things are changing. The population 1) _______________ , and th number of unemployed people 2) _______________ . Young people 3) _______________ home earlier / later, and 4) ________________ married earlier / later than before. People 5) _________________ more / less money these days, while the cost of living 6) _________________ . Our capital city 7) ________________ bigger / smaller, the number of people with cars 8) __________________ and traffic problems 9) _________________ better / worse. Overall, I think life in my country 10) __________________ better / worse for most people.

Demikianlah soal latihan bahasa Inggris tentang Present Continuous Tense. Semoga dapat membantu teman – teman memahami Present Continous Tense lebih dalam lagi. Terima kasih.

(Source: 2003. Nettle & Hopkins. Developing Grammar in Context)