Latihan Soal Mengenai Regular Verbs & Irregular Verbs

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Latihan Soal Mengenai Regular Verbs & Irregular Verbs – Kata kerja beraturan (Regular Verb) dan kata kerja tidak beraturan (Irregular Verb) merupakan dua jenis kata kerja (verb) yang umum diketahui oleh banyak orang. Kedua jenis kata kerja tersebut berbeda satu sama lain dan telah kita bahas di penjelasan sebelumnya. Agar lebih memahami mengenai kedua jenis kata kerja tersebut, berikut adalah latihan soal mengenai Regular Verbs dan Irregular Verbs.

Soal tentang Regular dan Irregular Verbs

I. Complete the sentences by changing the verb in the brackets into the appropriate forms. It can be past or past participle form.

1. My friend __________ (sleep) on the floor last night because the weather was very hot.
2. The winter competition _________ (start) two days ago in Switzerland.
3. Dinda _________ (take) the dress for her birthday party from the tailor yesterday.
4. The man _________ (break) his girlfriend’s heart several hours ago.
5. They have _________ (go) to Paris by plane for honeymoon just now.
6. She has __________ (see) me but she did not wave her hand or call me.
7. Every student _________ (wear) sport uniform for the competition last week.
8. We _________ (watch) an action movie in the cinema last month.
9. They should have _________ (know) that we would come to their house.
10. James _________ (look) so sad because he did not win the competition.
11. She _________ (misunderstand) our intention to invite her in our event.
12. Have you __________ (read) the message that Jimmmy sent you?
13. They ___________ (hear) a strange voice beside their house at midnight.
14. He ___________ (forget) to buy me some apples and a bar of chocolate.
15. The students _________ (play) a football game on the field this morning.

II. Change the verbs in brackets into the Past Tense.

Yesterday (16. to be) __________ a wonderful day for me. I (17. get) __________ up at 5 am, (18. have) __________ breakfast and then (19. take) __________ a bath. I (20. wait) __________ for someone to put make-up on my face. That day (21. to be) ___________ my wedding day. I (22. feel) __________ so nervous. My family and I (23. to be) ___________ ready at 7 am. My fiancé and his family (24. come) __________ to my house at 8 am. The wedding ceremony (25. begin) _________ at 9 am. We (26. invite) __________ many people to our wedding party. Everyone in the party (27. seem) _________ happy seeing us together. We finally (28. become) __________ a couple of husband and wife. All of the people (29. enjoy) __________ our wedding party. There (30. to be) __________ a lot of kinds of foods, sweets, and beverages. Many of our friends (31. give) __________ performances the guests. They (32. sing) __________ for us. All of them (33. wish) _________ we (34. will) _________ be happy ever after. We (35. hope) _________ it, too.

III. Choose the correct verb for each sentence and change it into the correct form of Past Tense.

Say – Think – Watch – See – Drink – Go – Eat – Buy – Walk – Do

36. I __________ that the little girl in pink was very cute.
37. My sister __________ with me to the new supermarket in our town.
38. The students ___________ to Bali island with their teachers for a field trip.
39. The old woman __________ too much sugar last week. She is feeling sick today.
40. The man wearing blue jacket __________ some car and plane toys for his little children.
41. I __________ a cup of green tea with Nita yesterday.
42. He ___________ a movie with his girlfriend in the cinema last week.
43. I ___________ some children eating sweets at park. They had a garden birthday party.
44. They __________ that it would be better if I wore white blouse for work.
45. My friends and I __________ our final assignment at my house yesterday.


Kunci Jawaban:

1. Slept
2. Started
3. Took
4. Broke
5. Have gone
6. Has seen
7. Wore
8. Watched
9. Have known
10. Looked
11. Misunderstood
12. Read
13. Heard
14. Forgot
15. Played

16. Was
17. Got
18. Had
19. Took
20. Waited
21. Was
22. Felt
23. Were
24. Came
25. Began
26. Invited
27. Seemed
28. Became
29. Enjoyed
30. Were
31. Gave
32. Sang
33. Wished
34. Would
35. Hoped

36. Thought
37. Walked
38. Went
39. Ate
40. Bought
41. Drank
42. Watched
43. Saw
44. Said
45. Did

Demikianlah latihan soal mengenai Regular Verbs dan Irregular Verbs. Semoga latihan soal tersebut dapat membantu teman – teman lebih memahami tentang kata kerja (verb ) dalam Bahasa Inggris. Semoga bermanfaat!

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