30 Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Tentang Noun & Jawabannya

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Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Tentang Noun & Jawabannya – Noun atau yang biasa disebut sebagai ‘kata benda’ adalah sebuah kata yang menamai suatu benda, baik benda tersebut merupakan benda hidup, benda mati, atau pun benda abstrak. Dalam sebuah kalimat, kata benda (noun) ini memiliki posisi sebagai subjek maupun objek dan dapat diterangkan dengan kata sifat (adjective) atau kata keterangan (adverb). Agar lebih memahami tentang Noun, berikut adalah contoh soal beserta kunci jawabannya.

Soal Bahasa Inggris tentang Noun

I. Choose the best answer from the option a, b, c, or d!

1. We must call the ______ to catch the robber.
a. Hospital
b. Post office
c. Police
d. Ambulance

2. My father is reading ______ in the office now.
a. A newspaper
b. A television
c. A speaker
d. A radio

3. My grandmother always tell me to wash my _______ before eating something.
a. Teeth
b. Face
c. Feet
d. Hands

4. _____ is a spicy food from Indonesia.
a. Cake
b. Rendang
c. Pudding
d. Chocolate

5. We cancel having dinner at the restaurant because all _______ are booked.
a. Tables
b. Rooms
c. Chairs
d. Foods

6. We need _____ to bring our school books.
a. Uniform
b. Bag
c. Pencil case
d. Wallet

7. Before entering someone’s house, we must _______ on the door.
a. Cry
b. Scream
c. Hit
d. Knock

8. Will you go with me to the _____ to watch a movie?
a. Stadium
b. Cinema
c. Hospital
d. Theater

9. We buy a book in a _______ .
a. Supermarket
b. Fruitstall
c. Bookstore
d. Music studio

10. _____ is the place for students to study.
a. Library
b. Classroom
c. Teacher’s office
d. School canteen

II. Choose the best answer of plural form!

1. My apple tree has many _____ .
a. Leaf
b. Leaves
c. Leafs
d. Leavs

2. Do not play with the ______ in the kitchen!
a. Knife
b. Knifes
c. Knive
d. Knives

3. For the experiment in the laboratorium, we are asked to bring two _____ .
a. Froges
b. Frog
c. Frogs
d. Frogues

4. There are many beautiful ________ in her garden.
a. Lilies
b. Lily
c. Lilys
d. Lilis

5. The ________ in that empty house are so many.
a. Mouse
b. Mouses
c. Mice
d. Mices

6. My little cousin broke three ______ in my grandmother’s house.
a. Vase
b. Vas
c. Vass
d. Vases

7. Yesterday we went to Atlantis and saw many ________ .
a. Fishes
b. Fish
c. Fisher
d. Fishs


8. We need many _______ to make french fries.
a. Potatoes
b. Potatos
c. Potato
d. Potatoe

9. The police officer catched three ______.
a. Thief
b. Thievs
c. Thiefs
d. Thieves

10. I have no idea their names or their ______.
a. Address
b. Addresses
c. Addreses
d. Adresses

III. Complete the sentences by choosing the words below!


1. I only ate a _________ of pizza last night and I got stomachache.
2. I will buy a _________ of chocolate for my little sister.
3. The little girl cannot bring a full _________ of water to the garden.
4. Bimo always drinks a _________ of milk in the morning everyday.
5. My mother made a _________ of fried rice for my dinner.
6. It is very nice to have a _________ of tea in the evening with your favorite person.
7. He brings me a _________ of spicy chips and a lollipop for my little sister.
8. Amara likes to drink a _________ of fresh water after running or having an exercise.
9. Someone usually loves to eat a ________ of chicken soup when he is sick.
10. My sister is having a birthday party and she gives a _______ of her birthday cake to everyone.

Kunci Jawaban:
1. C. Police
2. A. A newspaper
3. D. Hands
4. B. Rendang
5. A. Tables
6. B. Bag
7. D. Knock
8. B. Cinema
9. C. Bookstore
10. B. Classroom
1. B. Leaves
2. D. Knives
3. C. Frogs
4. A. Lilies
5. C. Mice
6. D. Vases
7. B. Fish
8. A. Potatoes
9. D. Thieves
10. B. Addresses
1. A slice of pizza
2. A bar of chocolate
3. A bucket of water
4. A glass of milk
5. A plate of fried rice
6. A cup of tea
7. A package of spicy chips
8. A bottle of fresh water
9. A bowl of chicken soup
10. A piece of birthday cake

Demikianlah contoh soal Bahasa Inggris tentang Noun beserta kunci jawabannya. Semoga bermanfaat dan dapat menambah ilmu Bahasa Inggris teman – teman. Terima kasih.

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