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Daftar Preposisi Bahasa Inggris Terlengkap, Arti, & Contoh Kalima – Teman – teman pasti sering menemukan kata – kata seperti “on”, “in”, “under”, atau “beside”. Kata – kata tersebut disebut sebagai kata depan atau ‘Preposition’. Jika sebelumnya kita telah membahas mengenai definisi dan fungsi Prepsition, kali ini kita akan membahas mengenai daftar preposisi. Berikut adalah daftar Preposition Bahasa Inggris terlengkap beserta arti dan contoh kalimatnya.



Preposition (kata depan) adalah sebuah kata yang terletak di depan kata benda (noun) atau kata ganti (pronoun) yang menunjukkan hubungan kata tersebut dengan kata lain dalam sebuah kalimat.


Daftar Kata Preposition


Preposition Arti Contoh Kalimat
About Ø Di sekitar/ sekeliling


Ø Kira – kira/ sekitar


Ø Tentang

Ø  There are trees about her school.


Ø  The time you need to go there by bus is about 2 hours.

Ø  He does not want to tell me about his problem.

Above Ø Di atas Ø  The crystal lamp is hanging above me and it is so beautiful.
Across from Ø Di seberang Ø  The post office is located across the hospital.
After Ø Mengikuti


Ø Setelah

Ø  Nick Jr. got the name after his father, Nick Jonas.

Ø  I will go to a market after finishing my homework.

Against Ø Pada


Ø Berlawanan

Ø Melawan


Ø  Please put the paintings against the wall!

Ø  What he said is against the truh.

Ø  Dino wanted to fight against his senior in his school.

Along Ø Sepanjang Ø  There are many Oak trees along the road.
Among Ø Di antara (lebih dari dua) Ø  The birthday girl wears red dress among the other girls who wear white ones.
Around Ø Di sekitar


Ø Di sekeliling

Ø  Don’t go around that forbidden place!

Ø  The man ties a cloth around his head.

At Ø Ke


Ø Pada (waktu)

Ø Di

Ø  All people looked at me when I was reading a poem.

Ø  The school ends at 2 pm.

Ø  They are going to make a sand castle at the beach.

Before Ø Di depan


Ø Sebelum

Ø  He parks his car before the library.

Ø  The students bought some souvenirs before going back home.

Behind Ø Di belakang Ø  The girl behind me is still crying.
Below Ø Di bawah Ø  His score is below the passing grade.
Beneath Ø Di bawah Ø  My brother hides the ball beneath his bed.
Beside Ø Di samping Ø  There is a refrigerator beside the cupboard.
Besides Ø Selain Ø  Besides watching movies, reading novel is her other hobby.
Between Ø Di antara (dua) Ø  Bintang sits between his twin cousins.
Beyond Ø Di luar Ø  What happened was beyond my imagination.
By Ø Pada


Ø Di dekat

Ø Melewati


Ø Oleh/ dari


Ø Dengan


Ø  Sinta is going to London by Monday.

Ø  I am standing by you.

Ø  The police officers run by my house.

Ø  That is a great novel written by a great author.

Ø  The children go to school by bikes.

Despite Ø Meskipun Ø  Despite the heavy snow, he goes to the market.
Down Ø Ke bawah/ turun Ø  The old woman walks down the apartment carefully.
During Ø Selama Ø  The snow is falling during winter.
For Ø Karena


Ø Selama


Ø Untuk

Ø  She gave me her novel for she knew I loved it.

Ø  We will have a holiday for a week.

Ø  Vira buys a necklace for her mother

From Ø Dari Ø  He receives a message from his school principal.
In Ø Pada (waktu)


Ø Di (tempat)


Ø Di dalam

Ø  We always have breakfast in the morning.

Ø  The students swim in the swimming pool.

Ø  You can find some juice and apples in my fridge.

Into Ø Ke dalam Ø  The chef pours the milk into a bowl.
Near Ø Di dekat Ø  His house is near the cinema.
Of Ø Tentang

Ø Dari

Ø  Do you always think of me?

Ø  The chair is made of the best wood in town.

On Ø Pada (waktu)

Ø Di atas

Ø  Adit goes for swimming on Sunday morning.

Ø  The phone on the table is ringing.

Over Ø Di/ ke seluruh


Ø Melampaui


Ø Di atas

Ø  I dream of visiting countries all over the world.

Ø  The audience attending this schow is over 2000 people.

Ø  We have spent 4 days over the sea.

Since Ø Karena


Ø Sejak

Ø  Since he is old, he is not be able to lift heavy things anymore.

Ø  He has been sick since two days ago.

Through Ø Melalui Ø  We walk through the jungle.
Throughout Ø Di seluruh Ø  Jackson is well-known throughout the world.
Till Ø Hingga/ sampai Ø  The boys played football till evening.
To Ø Ke/ pada

Ø Untuk

Ø  I want to go to Paris.

Ø  The man comes to attend the meeting.

Toward(s) Ø Terhadap Ø  Gina’s attitude towards her boyfriend is very bad.
Under Ø Di/ ke bawah Ø  The headset is under the table.
Until Ø Hingga/ sampai Ø  We will watch movies until we fall asleep.
Up Ø Ke atas/ naik Ø  I am too tired that I cannot walk up the stairs anymore.
Upon Ø Di/ di atas (permukaan)/ pada Ø  The butterfly lands upon my shoulder.
With Ø Dengan/ bersama Ø  Jimmy goes to cinema with his friends.
Within Ø Di dalam Ø  There is a swimsuit within her bag.
Without Ø Tanpa Ø  I won’t go to the beach without my sister.


Demikianlah daftar Preposition Bahasa Inggris terlengkap beserta arti dan contoh kalimatnya. Semoga daftar tersebut dapat bermanfaat bagi teman – teman. Terima kasih.


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