4 Contoh Puisi Bahasa Inggris Tentang Ayah

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4 Contoh Puisi Bahasa Inggris Tentang Ayah – Puisi merupakan sebuah karya penulisan dimana sejumlah kata disusun dalam baris yang terpisah dan terkadang memiliki akhiran yang berbunyi sama (rima). Puisi dapat menggambarkan tentang apa saja, mulai dari sosok seorang ibu atau ayah yang kita cintai sampai dengan sindiran politik. Berikut adalah contoh puisi dalam Bahasa Inggris tentang ayah.

Contoh 1

Longing within the Rain

Drop by drop of rain washes my face
Wets the dry soil
The grass splits as it hits the earth
Each drop contains a pent-up longing
I cannot prevent all the more urgent nostalgia
I want to say it out loud

My eyes wandered in my past
Where I relentlessly jumped on your straight back
Where I loudly asked for a toy or just asked for a lollipop candy
I smile in my daydream
I still remember the exact line of your jaws making you more handsome
Still I record your assertive but loving voice
Or about the strength of your hand that easily picked me up or just raised me on a high chair

I recall the kiss of your lips against my cheek
It was warm until my heart trembled
I always laughed when the thin mustache was trimmed between the nose and your mouth touched my cheek
Made me amused to laugh
I again remember that your hands between my strands drove me to the realm of dreams
I also remember the warm embrace that embraced all my sadness

As I fell I saw the radiation of fear in your eyes
Gently spoke the sentence that made me strong
You gave a message through all your words
You said I should not be a whiny kid
You said I must be a strong boy
Though you’re fierce but all that made me strong.

I leave this longing for thousands of drops of rain
Do not you worry, I’m fine here
You do not need to worry, here I always smile
For you my father entrusts to this soothing rain
I’ll call you father soon to share stories and news
Although now we are far away, at least I can still hear your voice
Recording your laughter
I know when we talk through the phone your eyes are bright and your smile is always overlain
Because I am so

Missed this among the swift rains.
May the drops pass to you.
My longing is as much as this rain drop
I love you

Contoh 2

My Longing for You

The fragility of your heart
The fragility of your soul
The fragility of your body
The fragility of your eyesight
The fragility of your speech

The figure who was once so strong
It has now been time consuming
The figure who was once brave
Now it’s faded by age
The former figure of a hard worker
It’s now over by a weak body

I remain proud
I still love
I still love
I still miss

My longing for you, Dad
will not be time consuming
will not be faded by age
will not run out by a weak body
and will never be vulnerable


Contoh 3

The Love for Dad

You are the one who always
Sacrifices for children
and your beloved wife

You are always there when we
need your good thought
and your energy

You are a the leader of our family
who becomes a role model in my life
who becomes a hero in my life

You squeeze your energy
just for me and mom
every day

I am just a child
I pray for God
to always protect you

I always pray that
every step you take
every thing you do
will be made easy by the creator

Just pray and pride
which I can give you
through the achievements in my school
hopefully it can erase your fatigue

My love for you cannot
be expressed in words
I love you Dad

Contoh 4

The Feeling of Longing

Why is our story cut off?
Why is your love impermanent?
I long for you in the twilight
Together with mother

The flood of ego shakes you
The lust of lust drains your soul
The sweet voice of the bitch
You throw the child away

This soul is rarely touched by your care
This feeling does not hold your hug
You go hugging the fruit of lust
For a moment you forget us

Even without you stay alive
I was wondering I could not
Walk despite being limping
Still my gratitude lies

Now I become more mature
Your blessing is my presence in this world
The dimensions have separated us
Although it is not forever


Demikianlah contoh puisi dalam Bahasa Inggris tentang ayah. Semoga contoh puisi tersebut dapat bermanfaat. Teman – teman dapat membuat puisi Bahasa Inggris dengan tema lain sesuai yang diinginkan. Terima kasih.

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