40 Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 2 SD Semester 2 & Jawaban

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40 Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 2 SD Semester 2 & Jawaban

Dalam mempelajari Bahasa Inggris, hal pertama yang harus diketahui adalah kosakata dalam Bahasa Inggris. Mempelajari kosakata merupakan kegiatan awal yang dilakukan oleh siswa di tingkat sekolah dasar. Para siswa kelas 1, 2, dan 3 SD umumnya masih mengenal kosakata beserta artinya dan sedikit mempelajari struktur kebahasaan. Berikut adalah soal Bahasa Inggris kelas 2 SD semester 2.

I. Choose the right answer by crossing (x) the option a, b, c, or d.

1. Andi : Hey! Good morning!
Ita : … , Andi!
a. Good afternoon
b. Good morning
c. Good night
d. Good evening

2. Vira : How are you today?
Jay : … . I get flu.
a. I am not so good
b. I am so good
c. I am good
d. I am not bad

3.Fahri wants to go sleep. Fahri’s mother says …
a. Good morning
b. Good afternoon
c. Good evening
d. Good night

4. We have breakfast in the …
a. Evening
b. Night
c. Morning
d. Afternoon

5. We have lunch in the …
a. Evening
b. Night
c. Morning
d. Afternoon

This text is for questions number 6 – 10.

My name is Cintia. I am eight years old. My mother is Mrs. Jenny. She is a doctor. My father is Mr. Leo. He is a policeman. I have one sister. She is Julia. I have one brother. He is alden. I have a happy family.

6. How old is Cintia?
a. She is seven years old
b. She is eight years old
c. She is nine years old
d. She is ten years old

7. Alden is Cintia’s …
a. Brother
b. Sister
c. Mother
d. Father

8. What is Mrs. Jenny?
a. She is a policeman
b. She is a student
c. She is a teacher
d. She is a doctor

9. How many sister does Cintia have?
a. She has four sisters
b. She has two sisters
c. She has one sister
d. She has no sister

10. Is Cintia’s father a pilot?
a. Yes, he is
b. No, he is not
c. Yes, she is
d. No, she is not

11. Bima is thirsty, so he takes …
a. Milk
b. Apple
c. Bread
d. Noodle

12. Jane is … , so she takes fried rice.
a. Angry
b. Sleepy
c. Hungry
d. Thirsty

13. Frieda feels … , so she goes to bed.
a. Angry
b. Sleepy
c. Hungry
d. Thirsty

14. Irfan’s bicycle is broken, so he feels …
a. Thirsty
b. Hungry
c. Sleepy
d. Angry

15. I have two …
a. Nose
b. Eyes
c. Mouth
d. Neck

16. I have one …
a. Eyes
b. Ears
c. Hands
d. Nose

17. “t–f–a–e–r–h”
The correct word is …
a. Father
b. Thefar
c. Fethar
d. Thafer


18. “c–u–l–e–n”
The correct word is …
a. Uncle
b. Uncel
c. Encul
d. Unlec

19. “e–e–n–c–i”
The correct word is …
a. Enice
b. Ceine
c. Neeci
d. Niece

20. “r–a–n–d–gm–t–h–o–r–e”
The correct words are …
a. Gnard mother
b. Grand mother
c. Grand methor
d. Gradn thoerm

II. Match the suitable answer!

21. I am … so I eat fried chicken. a. Sleepy
22. I am … , I want to sleep. b. Butterfly
23.I have breakfast in the … c. Hungry
24. I want water. I feel … d. Name
25. My … is Feni. e. Ant
26. The elephant is … f. Big
27. The … is small. g. Morning
28. The horse is … h. Fast
29. The … is beautiful. i. Thirsty
30. The … is slow. j. Turtle

III. Answer the questions below!

31. What is your name?
32. How old are you?
33. How many sister do you have?
34. How many brother do you have?
35. How are you today?
36. Do you like pineapple?
37. Do you like swimming?
38. Can you play a guitar?
39. Can you play football?
40. Can you ride a horse?


Kunci Jawaban:

1. B
2. A
3. D
4. C
5. D
6. B
7. A
8. D
9. C
10. B
11. A
12. C
13. B
14. D
15. B
16. D
17. A
18. A
19. D
20. B

21. C. Hungry
22. A. Sleepy
23. G. Morning
24. I. Thirsty
25. D. Name
26. F. Big
27. E. Ant
28. H. Fast
29. B. Butterfly
30. J. Turtle

31. My name is … (nama siswa)
32. I am … (umur siswa) years old.
33. I have … (jumlah saudara perempuan) sister(s).
34. I have … (jumlah saudara laki – laki) brother(s).
35. I am fine, thank you / I am not so good.
36. Yes, I do. / No, I do not.
37. Yes, I do. / No, I do not.
38. Yes, I can. / No, I cannot.
39. Yes, I can. / No, I cannot.
40. Yes, I can. / No, I cannot.

Demikianlah soal Bahasa Inggris kelas 2 SD semester 2. Semoga soal tersebut dapat bermanfaat dan membantu adik – adik dalam mempelajari Bahasa Inggris. Terima kasih.


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